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Humor Me! Blog Hop 9 – Montezuma’s Revenge

by Terrye

Every Sunday, at the Benevolent Benefactor’s work, they have a cook-out. This usually means he’s not hungry for dinner after he gets off work. And since I don’t feel like cooking a big dinner for just me and the little guy, last night, I opted to grab something from McFastFood instead of the usual trip to the Walmart to grab a couple of nuke ‘em meals.

Fast forward to the next morning: I woke up this morning with horrible stomach cramps and feeling like I wanted to die. Yep, the McDonald’s version of Montezuma’s Revenge had us in its evil grip. I’ve been trying to write something funny for this blog hop all day. Well, between racing for the bathroom and holding my guts to try to make the horrific cramping stop. If that wasn’t bad enough, the poor kid has been filling his pull-ups almost as fast as I can change them. We’re literally having a very shitty day.

I hope you can forgive me and let me slide this time, so we can get straight to the blog hop. I’ll try to be funnier next week.

Welcome to the ninth Humor Me! Blog Hop – where funny rules and boring is poked with a cattle prod til it cries. Before you link up, a few things to remember or find yourself sitting next to boring;

♦ Make sure it contains HUMOR! You know, that stuff that makes you laugh like a bored high school freshman that discovers helium for the first time.

♦ Don’t forget to VOTE for your FAVORITE POSTS so we can slather the winner in whipped cream and chocolate syrup to show our unbridled appreciation for their comedic brilliance.

So, down to the boring crap – the rules of the blog hop:

1 – Share 1 or more of your funny blog posts (dust off the old ones or create a brand spanking new one, whatever tickles your private parts). 2 – For every post you share, please read one other post from the hop (preferably someone else’s). And don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed their post. (I’m not proud, I blog so I get my ego stroked – I’m not getting it at home, so I gotta get it somewhere!)

3 – The hardest part – have FUN! Pop a cork, twist a cap, open a box of chocolates – whatever it takes to get you comfy so you’ll waste hours reading our posts.

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