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Mary de Chesnay Promotes Her Children’s Book

by Terrye

As the excitement builds for the 52nd anniversary of the Last Great Race, author Mary de Chesnay proudly presents her children’s picture book, Emily, Angel of the Yukon, a compelling tribute to the heroic nurse Emily Morgan during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, an iconic winter event in Alaska, is set to kick off on March 2, 2024. To coincide with this thrilling occasion, Mary de Chesnay’s book captures the spirit of dog sledding and pays homage to a lesser-known hero, Emily Morgan, RN, the Angel of the Yukon.

In 1925, as Nome faced a diphtheria outbreak, Emily Morgan courageously tramped through the snow to administer the life-saving serum to villages surrounding Nome. Her selfless dedication earned her the title Angel of the Yukon and the gratitude of an entire city.

Emily, Angel of the Yukon not only honors the memory of Emily Morgan but also sheds light on the vital role nurses play during times of crisis. Mary de Chesnay, a nurse-anthropologist, brings her expertise to this poignant tale, weaving together history, heroism, and the enduring spirit of the Iditarod race.

About the Author:

Mary de Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMH-BC, FAAN, a retired nurse-anthropologist, showcases the extraordinary life of Emily Morgan this book. Having published several books on various subjects, de Chesnay’s Emily, Angel of the Yukon stands as a testament to her ability to bring historical narratives to life.

In addition to her literary pursuits, de Chesnay crafts jewelry for animal rescues in sunny Arizona, always under the watchful supervision of her Airedale, Travis, and Shih Tzu, Tina Turner.

Emily, Angel of the Yukon is available for purchase on Amazon, offering readers a chance to learn about story of a true Alaskan heroine.

Mary de Chesnay has also written a series of childrens books about Angel dogs of different breeds, a few even have corresponding coloring books, which are also available on Amazon. Titles in this series include:

Lucy, the Angel Lab

Maeve, the Angel Pug

Zeke, the Angel Malinois

Luna, the Angel Chihuahua

Max, the Angel Border Collie

And many others

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