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Do You Think You REALLY Know Me? Probably Not.

by Terrye

I don’t usually write rants unless I’m totally torqued about something. And, today I’m at a whole new level of pissed. Because someone that never took a minute to get to know me decided to lecture me about things they don’t know anything about. Even worse is that they’re a member of my husband’s family.

First a little background.

Two weeks ago, I was having serious relationship issues with the Benevolent Benefactor (husband). The short story is that I was tired of him treating me like slave labor and talking to me like I was a worthless piece of shit. I don’t put up with that crap from anyone, especially someone that I’m having sex with. Not that he was getting any for being such a fucktard. Basically, not all was well in the kingdom and Queen B was sharpening her pencil and shining up her ass stomping boots. You know, to take names and kick ass.

Yesterday, the Benevolent Benefactor escaped death, literally.

His family burned up his cellphone with all their calls about my Facebook status. But not one of them called to see if he was ok after his incident at work. So, I posted this on my Facebook status:

Apparently, one of his cousins took offense and lashed out. Since his family has never been very welcoming, with the exception of his Grandmother, Margaret, they haven’t really gotten to know me. Something about me being Catholic and them being Mormon and my refusal to convert due to my promising my Grandmother Olive on her death bed, that I would never, ever give up being Catholic. Hey, I never said I was a GOOD Catholic, but I have a Baptism Certificate (somewhere) that says I passed the test.

That got me to thinking. How many of you really know me…the dark, seedy, ugly me? I have some online friends that I’ve meet and I have some long time real life friends that I keep in contact with online. These folks know that the person you see online is the same person you’d get sitting at the table sharing a meal with. I don’t do fake personalities (I save those for the stories I write).

I don’t lie, and I hate being lied to. I don’t cheat, and I hate cheaters even more than I hate liars. If I catch you lying to me or cheating on me, I will make your life hell for as long as I walk this earth. I will never forget it and I have yet to forgive those that have done it. I’m just cold hearted like that.

This is particularly difficult since I’m currently married to someone that knew of those rules and still chose to break them. I find every chance to twist the knife and remind him of the hell he put me through for four years. Divorcing him would be letting him off easy. He’s a glutton for punishment and he’s working on his character flaws. And he’s a damn good father to our son. I can’t fault a guy for trying to improve.

I refuse to use or take advantage of others, no matter how easy it would be. I try to be as honest as I can be and walk a narrow path. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know I haven’t compromised my morals. I have a dream and I’ll be damned if I’m going to take short cuts to get there. I believe in working hard to get to my goals.

I don’t pull punches. I don’t sugar coat jack shit. I won’t blow smoke up your skirt. And if you ask me a direct question, you’ll get a direct answer. So be careful what you ask me, because you might not like the answer.

Yes, I probably cuss too much, and I’ve been known to drink a little too much from time to time. But I’m damn fun at parties. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying the best I can. I love with my whole heart and soul and that leaves me vulnerable, so if you betray me, expect the thickest wall you’ve ever seen erected between us and I’ll never trust you again.

If you call bullshit on what I’ve said, I can give you a list of names that will give you the straight scoop. This is who I am. I will accept you for who you are and I ask the same. We can agree to disagree, because there will come a time or two where we’ll not see eye to eye on the same point of view.

This is your one and only warning. If you don’t like it, unfriend me on Facebook, unsubscribe from my blog, and unfollow me on twitter. No one is forcing you to be like me. There’s the door. Don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

But if you decide to stick around, you can accept me with all my flaws and I can accept you with all of yours. And I will call you ‘friend.’

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