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Humor Me Blog Hop 4 – A Month of Funny

by Terrye

I can’t believe this is the fourth week for the blog hop! And it wouldn’t be possible without all the awesome bloggers that have shared their humorous, witty, and entertaining posts! You all rock the blogosphere! Have I sucked up enough to keep you all coming back? No? Ok, well that’s all I got. Especially after spending most of the weekend at the lakes. Don’t hate, it wasn’t ALL sunshine and cold beer.

We got to the lake around 10am to find out we needed to get a parking tag for the truck. So, as we were turning around to backtrack the 5 miles to the nearest place that sold the permits, Little Man threw a gi-normous hissy fit; toys were flying, hysterical screams were filling the air, and things were being smashed against the truck windows. I’m really glad he wasn’t completely pissed or he probably would have thrown Benevolent Benefactor in front of an oncoming bus. We finally were able to explain to him that we’d be back to the lake in a few minutes and then he could get in the boat. *whew*

Permit firmly attached to the truck, we prepared the boat for launch; Little Man and I hopped in then Benevolent Benefactor backed the truck down the launch. Yay, it floats – the boat, not the truck. The boat fired up and we discovered that while replacing the waterpump the previous weekend, the Benevolent Benefactor forgot to reinstall the little piece that puts the motor into gear; reverse and forward. Hm…makes me wonder exactly what he was doing during that year of schooling where he studied to become a Marine Specialist (read “boat mechanic”).

After a small ration of shit (as if I’d let him live down forgetting the one inch piece that makes the boat GO), he left us in the idling boat while he drove the truck up to the trailer parking area – five miles straight up a cliff in 100+ degree weather. Ok, not really, but the way he told it, you’d think it was. But it was already in the 90s. Back in the boat, Benevolent Benefactor manually engaged the forward and off we went to meet up with all of our redneck boating buddies.

Finally, everyone was happy: the boat was going forward (yeah, we didn’t have reverse, but that’s what ‘circling’ is for), Little Man was enjoying his ride in the boat, and the pain I’d been having in my kidney was temporarily gone. After a short trip across the lake at mach 10, we arrived at a quiet cove sheltered from the winds that were whipping up some nice waves on the lake. Two seconds later, Benevolent Benefactor was overboard and calling for Little Man to jump.

Looks a lot like my Little Man

Normally, I’m known for being a tad over protective of Little Man; I think it’s a trait most moms are guilty of and special needs moms maybe a little more so. But this time, I picked him up and tossed him overboard. You have never seen a kid smile THAT big. Now if only he’d learn to close his mouth. I think he swallowed a gallon of lake water each time he catapulted himself off the boat and came up giggling. It kind of matched his unique swimming style; a cross between a spastic frog and a nerd dancing. It was a good weekend.

Today, we’re nursing sunburns (next time, we’re ditching the SPF 50 and going straight for the SPF 100!) and Little Man is battling ‘lake fever.’ Thank goodness for Imodium AD!

Now on to the fun – the REAL reason you dropped in!

Welcome to the fourth  Humor Me! Blog Hop – where funny rules and boring is kicked to the curb for eating cookies in bed. Before you link up, a few things to remember or find yourself sitting next to boring;

♦ Make sure it contains HUMOR! You know, that stuff that makes you laugh like a nut and annoys all those around you because they think you’ve lost your mind. You probably shouldn’t be blog hopping when you’re at work. Unless you share stories about what a douche your boss is.

♦ Don’t forget to VOTE for your FAVORITE POSTS so we can dry hump the winner to show our unbridled appreciation for their comedic brilliance. I gotta bribe you guys somehow to keep ya coming back! *wink*


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