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The First Ever Humor Me! Blog Hop

by Terrye

Why a humor blog hop? Well, while all the other blog hops I’ve participated in are excellent in their own ways, very few solely focus on humor. And I decided it was time to showcase some of the outstanding humor bloggers that I’ve met. I hope everyone enjoys their stories as much as I have.

So, down to the boring crap – the rules of the blog hop:

1 – Share 1 or more of your funny blog posts (dust off the old ones or create a brand spanking new one, whatever tickles your peepee). 2 – For every post you share, please read one other post from the hop (preferably someone else’s). And don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed their post. (I’m not proud, I blog so I get my ego stroked – I’m not getting it at home, so I gotta get it somewhere!)

3 – The hardest part – have FUN! Pop a cork, twist a cap, open a box of chocolates – whatever it takes to get you comfy so you’ll waste hours reading our posts.

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