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Time is on my side…NOT!

by Terrye

Time: (noun) the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another. (Dictionary.com)

And something that I tend to run out of at the end of each day and wish I had more of. Every day, I wake up with the same thought – “I need to write…something!” And every day, the same sequence of events interferes with my game plan.

Once Mike is out the door and off to work, I get Collin his first cup of milk of the day. While he is happily constructing puzzles, watching Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Junior while simultaneously watching whatever movie he has in his DVD player, I cook breakfast. An hour later, because he’s such a slow eater, I wash the dishes, clean him up, get him dressed and fetch his second cup of milk for the day.

After he is back, joyously playing with his cars, reading a book and singing along with Elmo, I shower, get dressed and try to make myself presentable. Something that I have been horribly failing at lately due to unforeseen circumstances that I may or may not delve into at a later date.

Next comes snack time. Collin eats almost nonstop these days and his pants are getting shorter. Just what we needed, another growing surge. We haven’t fully recovered financially from the last one! So, it’s fruit snacks or cheese and crackers, or the snack du jour.

If I’m lucky, I might get to check my email while he’s munching away. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit there and vulture watch every morsel he stuffs into his cute little face. I listen to the news, look for a more permanent place to live, and try to figure out how to stretch a penny into ten dollars. All while following my little munchkin around, picking up the trail of destruction he leaves behind.

Just as I start to feel my second wind begin to fill my sails, it’s time to whip up lunch in two shifts. The first lunch is for little booboo baby and second shift is for the bigger booboo baby. Normally, this would be followed with loading lunch and Collin and all of his accoutrements into the zippy car and heading into town to drop said munchkin off at school. BUT, since we moved out of the school district and there is only 3 weeks left of the school year, my little whirl wind of super destruct-o is fabulously keeping me company.

We stuff sandwiches, chips, vanilla zingers and a drink down daddy’s gapping maw and move on to the afternoon! Yay!  Since Collin is no longer in school, the 3 gloriously peaceful hours I used to have to research and write in no longer exists. It has been filled with repeating numbers and letters, making goofy faces at each other to strengthen his facial muscles, singing along with Elmo to encourage Collin to try to talk, tickle attacks and snacks.

Around 4pm, after my second wind has set sail without me, I plop down and catch the early evening news while Collin bounces up and down on his exhausted mommy. When I’m totally disgusted with the world and the weather report, I peruse the refrigerator and panty to plan the evening’s gourmet meal for 3.

He who thinks he’s king, invades the abode around 6pm demanding dinner and all hell breaks loose. Like a pack of wolves greeting a tardy member, Mike and Collin bounce and pounce and careen around the place like there are no walls or delicate electronic equipment (read – my beloved laptop and kindle fire!!!).

A fire hose and a baseball bat finally subdue them and Mike gets cleaned up for dinner, about the time the once gourmet dinner now consists of frozen pizza or chili dogs with a side of lettuce. Whence dinner has been consumed and the boys are semi-quietly bonding in front of the tv watching whatever guys watch while the women folk are cleaning the kitchen, the dishes get washed and the lefts over get banished to the back of the fridge, never to been seen again.

A quick catch up of the day happens during commercial breaks and it’s finally bath time and bed time for Collin-monster at 9pm. Shortly thereafter, the stud of the house decides it’s time for his beauty rest and he’s off to bed as well. Now that I’m too exhausted from trying to eek out an existence, is my writing time. A majority of the time, I look at the blank page on the laptop and decide to see what my friends have been up to on Facebook instead.

Now, if only I could figure out how to squish another couple of hours into my day just for me…

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