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Humor Me! Blog Hop #3 – You So Funny!

by Terrye

Before we begin, I would like to apologize to everyone that linked up but I didn’t get to make it to your blog. I had every intention of reading your awesome posts after we got back from our trip to town. Little did I know that our ole truck had other plans for us. She decided to bust a fan belt and a pulley in 108 degree heat. In rush hour traffic. A hundred miles from home. Thank goodness for the kindness of a stranger who stopped and offered to drive the Benevolent Benefactor to the parts store before they closed.

While they were gone, the insulation under the hood caught fire from the melted fan belt that had pretty much exploded all over everything under the hood. While me and the boy sat in the truck, waiting. I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and put it out, but not before it burned over half of the insulation. We were lucky enough to get the truck repaired and back on the road a little over an hour after our mishap. We did make it back home safely after that, but several hours later than we had anticipated. Moral of the story; stay home on days that are hotter than hell.

Now on to the FUN!

Welcome to the third Humor Me! Blog Hop – where funny rules and boring is kicked in the crotch. Before you link up, a few things to keep in mind (it won’t hurt any more than a lobotomy);

♦ Make sure it contains HUMOR! You know, that stuff that makes you laugh like a nut and annoys all those around you because they think you’ve lost your mind. You probably shouldn’t be blog hopping when you’re at work. Unless you share stories about what a douche your boss is.

♦ Don’t forget to vote for your favorite posts so we can dry hump the winner to show our unbridled appreciation for their comedic brilliance. I gotta bribe you guys somehow to keep ya coming back! *wink*

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