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Mommy Needs Some Juice

by Terrye

I participated in a campaign for Mommy Juice Wines. I received a bottle of White Wine and a bottle of Pool Party Pink. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions are my own.

Those that know me are very aware that my adult beverage of choice leans more towards the whiskey persuasion. But when the opportunity to sample some new wines fell into my lap, I found it difficult to say no. Come on, free booze? Who says no to that?!

A few days after I accepted the offer and signed a gazillion paged contract (ok, it was only four pages), my doorbell rang. I eagerly jumped up from the sofa where I had been gorging myself on Pringles and catching a marathon of Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures – my wicked pleasure. Before me stood what could best be described as Chris Cringle’s twin brother in a yellow, cotton polo and khaki slacks. I smiled politely and said, “hello!”

It turns out that our local UPS driver had delivered my precious free wine to the wrong address; wrong street, wrong house number, wrong everything. Santa’s twin had thoughtfully brought my delivery to its rightful home. I thanked him profusely, even offering to share a wine tasting with him, laughing and declining; off he went, presumably to feed reindeer. As I hungrily tore into my cherished box, evil thoughts of roasting our ‘man in brown’ filled my imagination. That was, until I pulled out the first bottle. All contemplations of doing harm quickly evaporated as I sat there, holding the first of two vessels of grape ecstasy. Hastily, I freed the second bottle and a surprise – an insulated wine glass that strongly resembled a sippy cup for mommies. Oh the joy!

That evening, after Little Man was tucked safely away in his Angry Bird’s shrouded bed; I merrily displayed the day’s delivery to my Benevolent Benefactor. He looked at me quizzically. I filled him in on how I had been offered a chance to sample and review some free wine, heavily emphasizing the free part, to which he replied, “well, hell, if it’s free, why not?” We ain’t proud, we’re rednecks. With fffffrrrrrreeeeeeeeee alcohol. And happier than two pigs in a muddy holler.

I opened the first bottle, the White Wine and poured a sample. Taking a long, slow whiff, my nose was greeted with the tasty aromas of pineapples, bananas, and guava. The color was so clear it was almost transparent. Taking a sip, I found the wine to be crisp and dry, with a nice lime enhanced flavor with an undertone of kiwi.

Pleased with my first sample, I cracked open the second wine, the Pool Party Pink. Its color was a pleasantly soft pink and smelled fruity and fresh; a soft mix of raspberry, cherry and fresh strawberry fragrances. The flavor further enhanced the fruitiness with the hints of Maraschino cherry, strawberry and pink grapefruit.

After sampling both, I have to admit that the Pool Party Pink is my favorite and would not be opposed to drinking it more often. Especially with a dinner of BBQ chicken and all the fixin’s.

If you enjoy a good wine, I would recommend you check out Pool Party Pink or any of the other Mommy Juice Wines. Interested in trying some for yourself, the wines are available for purchase online.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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