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Is It Calving Season? Cuz I Just Got Tagged!

by Terrye

I eased my way into my favorite Facebook group Saturday morning, expecting more of the same ole same ole (mainly, brilliance in the form of the written word displayed on eye appealing blogs). Hidden among the literary genius was a notification from Miss Lizzi notifying me she’d lost her mind and called me out in her blog, Considerings.

My first thought was “aw, crap.” Which I immediately relayed to Lizzi via a comment on her posting in the blogging group feed. Then I went to her blog and actually read it to find out why she was cursing my name (again). Turns out, she wasn’t pissed off at me this time (gotta make a note to try harder next time). Nope, she was passing along something called ‘Five Things About Me – Old School Blogging.’ Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. What the hell is ‘old school blogging?’

Turns out, it means one blogger tags one or more other bloggers and gives them a list of questions to answer and then those bloggers, in turn pass it along to other bloggers. Kinda like those old chain letters but without all the doom, gloom and piss poor bad luck attached.

So, instead of doing what I usually do – totally ignore it – I decided to play along. Yes, I’m turning over a new leaf and attempting to stave off the hordes of readers that are running from my blog because I’m damn tardy in replying to comments and mentions in other blogs. Note: I’m not really a snobby bitch (well, only to my husband), it’s summertime and my wee little guy is home most of the day. And, he’s demanding. VERY demanding; of my time, of my attention, expecting me to change him, feed him, give him liquids, be the walking, talking entertainment factory, and basically make him the center of my universe. The nerve! I’ve tried to explain to him that I have this thing called a blog and it needs just as much nurturing as he does. He just rolls his eyes at me and points to his open mouth like a little birdie demanding to be fed for the thirtieth time in a mere two hours.

Wow, we got a little derailed there, huh? Ok, back to Lizzi being the demanding one. Here are my answers to the gigantic list of pointless questions. I truly hope that you do, indeed, enjoy them (Rich, that was for your benefit, my snarky friend).

Five things I have a passion for: 1. Cooking 2. Travel 3. Horses 4. Autism/Apraxia 5. Writing

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