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Come with me if you want to live! – The Terminator, Terminator 2

by Terrye

So maybe quoting a character made famous by Arnold isn’t such a good idea these days, but who’s counting?

Mike graduates in 16 days. Wow. Sixteen days that are going to fly by, I’m sure. Around June 10th or 11th, he will be traveling to the LEGENDARY state of North Dakota for some wickedly good times. Or, maybe he’s just going to check it out and see if he likes the job and the place enough to move there.

If all goes well, Mike will then journey home to pack up most of our humble belonging and the little munchkin to return to the LEGENDARY state of North Dakota.

I, however, shall remain entrenched in sunny Florida, because the WONDERFUL state of Florida does not believe in allowing for unemployment if you voluntarily quit your job to accompany your spouse to a better job – unless they are in the military. Yay for military spouses, but it sucks for everyone else in that situation.

Do I want to stay here, 2100 miles from my family? No, not really. Do I have any other options? Sure. I can give up my temporary job as a technical writer for a large, international company (which I really enjoy) and be a stay at home mom in a tiny town of 1600 people until a job comes along that isn’t working in the town’s only truck stop/fast food joint.

Or I can enroll at the sorta nearby college (its 78 miles one way) and work on my BS in Writing. Yes, they actually have a BS in Writing degree there. *smirk* Sounds like THE perfect degree for me. I contemplated the BA in Writing, but who wants to be a Bad Ass when you earn a Bull Shit?

If I’m going for the BS in Writing, then I’ll top off the whole Sunday with a minor in earth sciences/engineering so I can write total bull shit for engineers. LEGENDARY North Dakota is sounding better and better all the time!

Well, til next time – I’ll be daydreaming of wide open prairies, the badlands and adventures with Lewis & Clark.

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