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You Came INDIA! – great, but don’t get any on ME!

by Terrye

I can see why India gets fondled!

I don’t mind exchanging thoughts and ideas with people from all walks of life and from far corners of the planet (ok, even the universe – I’m not biased – much). It broadens my horizons and introduces me to new ways of thinking and new cultures. I have communicated with people from almost every continent through outlets like HubPages, Wizzley, and Facebook.

But I have to draw the line at men that decide, out of the blue, to send me a message and tell me I have to come visit them and stay at their house. Even after I’ve explained that I am broke and happily married. Yes, in that order. I was hoping that explaining to them that THEY would have to fund my first class travel they would lose interest. Nope. And when I suggested they pay for my husband too, you think they would give up? Nope. Instead, I get, “you came INDIA.” What a way to change the subject my little stalker friend!

I don’t really want to know that India was pleasured or what part my new found stalking friend played in ‘caming INDIA.’ (How the heck can he pleasure a whole country and still have time to chat me up? I feel so dirty and used!) When I explain to my new friend, that I am trying to promote my newest pathetic attempt at literary creativity, he joyfully responded with, “ok sister am moveing bye.”

I quickly rejoice in the sudden freedom of being released from all the off the wall questions and being accosted with his unusual sexual habits. And am quickly slapped in the face with another barrage of strange musings and unintelligible ramblings. I’m sure, somewhere, somehow, these make sense, but I gave up acid trips and special brownies a few years ago (tho, at times I think they might make life a little easier to deal with).

So, here I sit, trying to ignore my little friend from “tamil nadu” that is busily making “pot and dups and exc” at his “I am buseiness plastics combaney.” All the while shouting gleefully, “you came INDIA” and asking me “what doing?” I’m thinking about fondling Montana and seeing if “you came MONTANA!”

Disclaimer: I am not a sexual deviant (in public) and no states were molested in the writing of this rant.

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