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Mad Cow Strikes Back

by Terrye

Source: deviantart.net

So, according to the US Department of Agriculture, the single case of Mad Cow disease in California was a “one-off mutation” that was discovered by accident because “the cow in question had died at one of the area’s hundreds of local dairies, but exhibited no typical outward signs of the disease, including unsteadiness, uncoordinated, behavior change or low milk production. The dead cow was scheduled for USDA testing at random, eligible because it was recently deceased and at least 30 months of age when it came in April 18.” (Source: Mad Cow Disease: How the New Case Was Discovered)

As I’m writing this in the middle of a huge ranching area, the idea that cows could go stark raving mad at any moment does not make me feel very safe. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is assuring everyone that beef is safe. Yeah, because the beefs are safely locked up in stockyards or in pastures. But have you seen how safe pastures are? I see an escaped heifer at least once a week. What’s stopping it from going on a mad rampage in the middle of the night? Oh yeah…the lack of anything other than prairie dogs, coyotes, pheasants and other cows for miles and miles and miles. All I know is, if a cow even looks at me funny, it’s “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”

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